Electric Trolley Buyers

Golfers that choose electric trolleys want to walk the golf course and usually fall into 4 categories;

    • They have been walking, carrying their bag, and are finding this is getting tiring by mid-round. They try pushing a non-electric golf cart and find this to be hard on them as well. They still want the exercise so don’t want to ride.
    • They have always pushed a non-electric golf cart and are starting to find this tiring. They still want the exercise so don’t want to ride.
    • They ride an electric cart and their doctor has told them they need to get more exercise, or they just want to get more exercise. They try carrying and pushing and find both hard.
    • In some cases, especially with a remote control trolley, they just want to have some fun maneuvering their clubs around the fairways.

Did you know that walking the average 18-hole golf course is equivalent to walking over 6 kilometres? And for golfers like me, that never stay on the fairway, it’s more like 8 kilometres!

We find younger and younger golfers are choosing electric golf trolleys. New-style trolleys are easy to use, weigh far less than older models and many courses will store them at the club. Also, there are more models to choose from than ever before.

We all know that walking is good for us. So why not make the walk enjoyable on the golf course by just walking without the weight of a bag or pushing 40 pounds of cart and clubs around the course?

Why Choose On The Go Leisure

Why buy an electric golf cart or trolley from On The Go Leisure?

    • We have been selling and servicing major brand electric golf caddies in Canada for over 10 years.
    • We keep our costs low so we can offer you the best prices in Canada on electric golf carts with the same or better quality, features and benefits. If you see a better advertised price on a similar trolley, let us know, we will beat it.
    • Our electric golf trolleys are available from our main showroom/warehouse in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and our MGI golf caddies are available across Canada from major golf courses and any Golf Town retail store. If you don’t see our electric golf caddies at the store ask a sales representative about MGI golf caddies.
    • We stand behind the products we sell with a large parts and service centre in the GTA and for added peace of mind, both MGI and Bat-Caddy have major distribution centres in the USA, so we can get unique parts that we do not have in stock.

For more information, come in and see us at our GTA location or give us a call at 1-800-469-0061.